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General Terms of Business

  1. Payment and delivery: On ordering the customer receives an invoice. Delivery of the goods occurs after payment if no other arrangements have been made.
  2. Forwarding costs. Forwarding costs include postage, packaging and the proportionate lorry toll. Postage is at the expense of the buyer.
  3. Technical defects and damage to the DVD: Only high quality material is used during production. Nevertheless damage cannot be totally ruled out. Faulty specimens will be immediately exchanged. In order to ensure a smooth service, we would ask you to send back any damaged specimens within 14 days together with the invoice date and damage information.
  4. The customer is obliged to check if he/she has the technical prerequisites for using the DVD and the online offer. If this is not the case there is no entitlement to a refund.
  5. There is no legal guarantee that the online offer works.
  6. Copyright. Copying the DVD is an offence and offenders will be prosecuted. A resale of the DVD without a valid license is not permitted.
  7. Both the DVD and the online offer are protected by copyright. It is not permitted to extract any components and use them elsewhere.
  8. Tutoring: Tutoring on the basis of the web offer www.hauptstrasse117.de  must be registered and approved.
  9. The supplier is not liable for any possible technical damage to customers’ electronic devices.

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