German for beginners in 11 sequels
Learning German

So you would like to learn German? Right away? Or you would like to fresh up your knowledge? With fun?

Then this course will be right for you. Better still:
It will offer you insights into daily life in the Federal Republic of Germany at the turn of the millennium. It will describe the Germany of today, whose citizens are learning to cope with the upheavals in global politics after the collapse of socialism in Eastern Europe .

And it will teach you firm basics of German language. At least you will reach the A2.2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

How do you learn best with this material?

Our material consists of the folllowing components:


dialogues and dialogues with gaps



online-exercises (interactive)

cultural background

Click on the individual components to get more information.

And here is an information for university students of German culture and philology:
The grammar follows the model of reference worked out by the University of Rome 1 "La Sapienza".
It offers the content of the first academic year.


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