What's going on in ... ? - German for beginners in 11 sequels

Soap Opera

We have made a soap opera for you. A very special soap. Our film is special, because the people in the story are genuine people. There are no actors, just people who play themselves. And the stories they act out are based on actual events.

Of course, we have been free in our treatment of  these genuine characters and true stories and have added some fictional elements. Partly to protect the privacy of the performers, partly, given the limitations of time and language, to focus on the essentials.

Sometimes reality and fiction coincide, sometimes not. The tenants in this house are not real. The setting only provides the dramatic backdrop.

Chosen because of their occupation, social status, age, lifstyle and state of mind, the actors represent typical characters: a single, an unemployed person, an immigrant family from Eastern Europe, a divorcee, a young couple, an elderly widow, etc.

The plot depicts a facet of social reality in Germany, a reality with thousands of ever-changing faces.


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